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Types of Electric Car Charging Cables

An important part of owning an electric car is the charging cable. There are different types with a range of power ratings and connectors. The first thing to consider is the specifications and requirements for your electric vehicle to determine the best option for you.

The following will cover the basics for the types of electric car charging cables and some cheap electric charging cable options.

Charging Speeds

There are three categories for charge speed, slow, fast, and rapid. Look at the power rating to determine the category. Slow (under 3kW) averages 6-12 hours, fast (7kW – 22kW) takes 3 to 4 hours, while rapid (50kW – 120kW) can give a full charge in roughly an hour.

Electric Car Cable Types

Mode 2

This type of cable is typically provided by the car manufacturer. It’s available in various versions and drivers can use it for charging their vehicle with a domestic socket. It has a box which communications between the connector plug and vehicle plug, known as an ICCB In-Cable Control Box.

Some versions are equipped with connectors for various CEE sockets, including NRGkick. These enable you to get a charge up to 22kW.

Mode 3

This type of charging cable connects the electric vehicle and charging station. Generally, charge stations provide type 2 sockets, allowing you to use a Type 1 or Type 2 plug, but the standard in Europe is a Type 2.

To charge, you must have a mode 3 cable with Type 2-to-Type 2 (Renault ZOE, etc.) or mode 3 cable converting Type2-to-Type 1 (Nissan Leaf, etc.).

Type 1

Single phase connector enabling up to 7.4kW power rating. This type is uncommon in Europe, mainly used in Asian countries. Because of this, there are less Type 1 charge stations.

Type 2

In Europe, this is the standard plug, which is a triple phase design. It is common to achieve charging levels up to 22kW in private areas. Using public charge stations can reach a rating up to 43kW. The majority of stations will have Type 2 sockets and compatible with all mode 3 cables. However, it can charge Type 1 as well.

Combination CSS

Cables with CSS connectors are an upgraded Type 2 equipped with two extra contacts allowing up to 170kW power ratings.


These types of cables offer up to 50kW power ratings. They are compatible with various brands, including Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, even Tesla.

Tesla Supercharger

The supercharger model requires a modified Type 2 charging cable, also known as a Mennekes plug. With this cable, the Tesla Model S only takes 30 minutes for an 80% charge.

Cheap Electric Car Cables

If you are looking for cheap electric car cables to replace or upgrade your existing cable, check out our product list today. We offer Type 2 charging cables starting at just £125!

We also offer cheap electric car cables in 16 amps and 32 amps, in lengths from 5m to 10m, and carry Type 1 too.