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Type 2 Portable Charger

The popularity—and need—for electric vehicles has never been stronger than it is today. With so much scientific evidence for man-made climate change and environmental change, it is no wonder that electric cars are so appealing; since the primary benefit of electric cars rests in the reduction of carbon emissions and the reduction of the need for petrol, which is a primary source of pollutants and environmental destruction.


Electric Cars: From Novelty to Commonplace

While a decade ago, electric cars were considered a novelty and owners would need to have their own personal charging points at the ready for daily charging, it has quickly become commonplace for electric car charging ports to be installed at gas stations, car washes, and even at dedicated electric car charging points in public spaces. In fact, the growth of electric car charging points is so steady that soon charging an electric car will be asking to charge a smart phone: you can do it just about anywhere.


Why EV Charging Cables Are Essential For Any Electric Car Owner

The new wave of electric car charging is already here with the development of portable chargers. Portable chargers come in several types, including a type 1 portable charger as well as a Type 2 portable charger. Type 2 portable charges are essential for charging electric vehicles at faster rates than Type 1 charges, which operate at a lower level.

The benefits of using portable charges for your electric car are vast. For one, you can recharge your electric car from any location with a compatible plug socket. Whether that is your home, your friend’s home, or somewhere else that allows for portable car charging. With a portable charger, you won’t have to plan trips around stopping at a charging station or finding your way home until your car can be charged; you can bring the ability to recharge your electric vehicle with you while you are out and about.

Type 2 portable charger products, like their Type 1 counterparts, sell exceptionally well among electric car owners who are looking to add the significant benefit of a portable car charger into their lives. Because these type 2 portable charger products allow electric cars to charge relatively quickly, they are perfect for both long and short trips. Best of all, an electric car will never “overcharge”—that is, it will stop on its own when the battery is full so that no electricity is wasted and that you don’t have to worry about getting out of bed and turning off the charger if you happen to be charging overnight.


Is My Car Compatible with a Type 2 Charger?

You should know that type 2 portable chargers are compatible with just about electric vehicle that is available for sale on the current electric vehicle market. If you have any questions about compatibility, consult with the charger brand to ensure that your particular electric car make and model will work with the type 2 portable charger you are interested in purchasing.

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