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Buying A Portable Electric Car Charger - A Guide

Electric vehicles may only cover a small part of total passenger vehicles, but they are emerging to grow in fame. As more consumers buy EV, the more charging stations for residential homes, government facilities, and commercial facilities will increase in demand.

If you are one of those who are curious about how those cars run, a Portable Electric Car Charger is situated on the vehicle itself. The vehicle operates as the car takes an AC source of juice from your house and transfigures it into DC. Therefore, the battery of the vehicle can be fully charged. To charge it, you need to buy a Portable EV Charger UK and have an electrician to install it.

If you don’t know how to buy a portable electrical car charger, here are the factors you need to consider:

  • Length and Location of the Charger

Before buying EV charging cables, imagine where your EV car will be parked. You need to measure the distance in the middle where the electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) will be placed on the wall and while the charging port is on your vehicle.

Cables, in general, run from 15 to 25 feet so it is vital to ensure that the cord could reach where it must go.

  • Amperage Capacity

Eve Equipment suggests that you buy an EVSE, which can hold at least 30 amps. That amount will offer your electric vehicle sufficient energy to travel 30 miles in nearly an hour. However, bear in mind that having a 30-amp Portable EV Charger UK will need a circuit breaker valued at 40 amps.

  • Plug or Hardwired

How will your Portable Electric Car Charger be connected to the power supply is another consideration you need to make. You see, a hardwired charger is trickier to install. However, it will be a bit affordable. If they’re mounted outside, they are harder to steal and secure.

On the other hand, a charger with a plug will be simpler to install. It will provide you appropriate power outlet ready for your charger to be plugged. It might be a bit costlier and doesn’t have the added security of the hardwired model.

Is Portable EV Charger Right for You?

If you only employ public charging points, it’s going to break your bank. Some public chargers are free, but most are not. Worse, you sometimes need a subscription. That means it can be difficult to charge on the fly. If you purchase Portable Electric Car Charger, you could charge your EV for less money than you would when paying for those public charging stations.

If you are only looking for the best Portable EV Charger UK, Eve Equipment got you covered! We strive to offer you the best price and service for your electric vehicle equipment. We also provide assistance on various charging cables, accessories, and chargers for all brands of PHEV, Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

To know more about our products and services, visit us today at https://electricvehicleequipment.co.uk/

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