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Chevrolet Electric Car Charging Cables

Here at Electric Vehicle Equipment you will find a range of EV charging cables for your Chevrolet Electric car. Chevrolet have three models of electric car, these are the volt, the spark and the bolt. The same charging cables will be compatible with all three models. The charging hub is at the front left of the vehicles and they will come with the standard 240 volt charging capabilities.

So, here are some details to consider when choosing your charging cable.


Portable Charging Cable – This will enable you to charge your car from your average 3 pin domestic plug sockets, meaning you can charge it wherever you go.


Single Phase Conversion Cable – These are used for home-based charging if a dedicated charging point is fitted. You can also use these at various public charging points.


Three Phase Conversion Cable – As long as both the vehicle and the charging point support three phase charging then you can enjoy the benefits of using a three phase conversion cable. You are likely to find this type of connection in larger commercial buildings as well as various public charging points.

So, do you opt for 16Amps or 32Amps? When using a home charging solution, 16amp connections are usually the go to. 16amp supports a charging speed of 3.7kW in Single Phase mode and 11kW in Three Phase mode.

Newer electric vehicles tend to use a 32amp supply, with charging points found in many public places. These support fast single phase mode charging and a top speed of 7.4kW in Single Phase and 22kW in Three Phase mode.

So can you use 16amp cables with vehicles that only support 32amp supplies or the other way around? The answer is yes. Both 32amp and 16amp cables will work successfully with each supply. The only thing to consider here is that the 32amp cable will only work at the top speed of a 16amp when using a 16amp supply.

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