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At E.V Equipment, we specialize in the selling of extremely high quality EV charging cables UK for every single type of electric vehicle. We also stock a range of different accessories for your electric vehicle, including separate leads, chargers, portable electric car chargers, sockets and charging points. Our electric car charging cables and affiliate products are designed to be used in both domestic and public environments.

We provide EV cables and equipment from 16amp Single Phase to 32amp Three Phase chargers. Please check the charging capabilities of your vehicle as some may have had an optional on-board charging upgrade from the manufacturer (if purchasing your vehicle second hand, then this process may have been completed without your knowledge and would therefore change your EV charging cable requirement).  In any case if you have purchased a higher amp cable this will always work on a lower amp outlet.

If you have any questions about your purchase of an electric car charging cable, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Electric Car Charging Cable Advice

We always aim to provide our valued customers with the very best service alongside competitive pricing for all of the EV charging cables UK and electric vehicle products we stock. We are more than happy to offer help and advice on different EV cables, chargers and accessories for all brands of hybrid, electric and PHEV vehicles – ensuring that you get the right product or EV cable for your car the very first time.

Our products are covered by a 12 month warranty in the event of faulty goods, and we are committed to providing a quick replacement should this occur. All of our electric car charging cables come in various lengths and amps to best suit your individual EV requirements.

Start You Day Right With The Perfect EV Cable

Starting your day with a fully charged electric vehicle is important. An overnight charge is almost always enough for your daily commute. And better still, some electric vehicles can now reach 330 miles on a single charge, this is enough to go from London to Edinburgh!

Furthermore, charging stations are being set up rapidly and all over the U.K – please feel free to browse our electric car charging map.

EV Charging Stations

An electric vehicle charging station, also known as an EV charging station, charging point or electric recharging point, is a location/setup that will supply electrical energy that recharges your electric vehicle by way of an EV charging cable. Make Sure You Know Your EV Cable Type: Some electric vehicles, whether bought brand new or second hand will come with an electric car charging cable included. It is important that you know which cable is correct and which seo services pins etc are suited to your vehicle as this will facilitate the safe charging of your car. EV cables are also required when you are on the go, out on the road or otherwise using your electric vehicle for transport. This is because you may often encounter electric charging stations that offer support and charging at variable voltages – different to those obtainable at home. Travel Smart With Free Charging There has been a sharp rise in publicly available charging stations (a rise that we expect to continue) and therefore you can now find these stations at a wide range of different locations, including restaurants, car parks, and retail shopping centres. All you need to access and make use of these stations is an applicable electric car charging cable – plug this in and you are good to go! Plan Before You Buy An EV Cable! Before your purchase an electric vehicle it is good to have an idea as to where and how you are going to charge it, you have several options:
  • You can decide to make use of a 3-pin socket in your house
  • You can install a charging box outside your home
  • Or you can make use of one of the public charging stations that are now so readily available
Once you have this locked down it is time to get your EV charging cables UK! Make sure that you which cable is right for your vehicle, once you have done this you can browse our EV cable product range!

EV Charging Cables – A Breakdown

  • Home socket: your regular 3 pin socket. Maximum current that can be drawn is 3kW
  • Type 1: single-phase plug. Maximum charging speed is 7.4kW
  • Type 2: agreed standard connector
  • Commando: features in vehicles like the Ford Focus EV
  • CCS: fast charging DC connector. It has a maximum charging capacity of 50kW
  • CHAdeMO: Japanese solution to fast DC charging. Used in Japanese vehicles like Nissan, Toyota, and the likes.